Oceania Cruises

Oceania Cruises has 5 ships scheduled to dock at Civitavecchia Port: Insigna, Marina, Nautica, Riviera and the newest Sirena.

Oceania Cruises (founded in 2002), which recently became part of the Norwegian Cruise Line Holding Group, operates a fleet of six ships of the latest generation with a top-level service that places them on a higher 5-star market, and offers its guests cruises from 7 to 22 days, with over 147 departures per year (2015 data). Destinations ranging from the Mediterranean (with Civitavecchia Port) to South America, Northern Europe (fjords, Baltic capitals) to North America (Alaska), until you get to South Africa and around the world.

We are proud to count Oceania Cruises between the companies that dock at the Civitavecchia Port of Rome, for the prestige and the high quality of the American cruise company.

The fleet of Oceania Cruises is formed by vessels of 50,000 tons and was awarded in 2014, on the web portal Cruise Critic, the best company in the world award for the food sector. Also for this reason, we would like to advise all those who want to enjoy an exclusive product, in a privileged environment, with destinations (or dwell times) are not accessible to the great ship market.

MS Sirena cruise ship (former Ocean Princess) is scheduled for delivery in March 2016. The vessel will undergo a $40 million 35-day drydock refurbishment in Marseille (France) before entering the Oceania Cruises fleet.
The new Sirena ship starts operations for Oceania Cruises in April 2016, with Inaugural season in Europe (Mediterranean Sea) that includes Rome with our Port of Civitavecchia.


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