Celebrity Edge

The Celebrity Edge will be at the port of Civitavecchia starting from 22nd May 2019

Refined, futuristic and luxurious, the new Celebrity Edge is a revolutionary ship. It has been completely designed in 3-D, allowing every detail to be improved.

Among the many novelties there will be “The Magic Carpet“, with the size of a tennis court is in fact an extension of the ship that can position itself on four different bridges and transform from a specialty restaurant for a selected number of guests to a relaxation area by the pool.

Also all the cabins are redesigned, from the Edge Infinite Veranda where almost the entire living space can become an outdoor veranda, to the Iconic Suites positioned at the top of the ship offering breathtaking views. The Edge Villas, luxury lofts with private swimming pool, are also new.
This and much more awaits you on board the new Celebrity Edge.

The Celebrity Edge will initially sail to the Caribbean from Port Everglades before moving to the Mediterranean before the summer of 2019.
It will be at the port of Civitavecchia starting from 22nd May 2019. It will sail from the port of Rome for the last time on November 1st 2019.


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