This year we will have 2 Cunard cruise ships visiting our Port of Civitavecchia: Queen Mary 2 and Queen Victoria

One of the oldest cruise companies, the British Cunard Line was founded in 1838, it provides its expertise at your service. The crew is formed according to the training of British-style. A pure British style which is reflected in the curious peculiarity of its ships names; they carry all the names of the great kings and queens of England: Queen Elizabeth, Queen Victoria

The British shipping company Cunard Line was founded in 1838 by the Canadian Samuel Cunard. The first transatlantic crossing of a cruise ship Cunard has been carried out in 1840: the journey linking us casino online England to the United States.

In 1934, Cunard acquired the company White Star Line and in 1983 the Norwegian America Line. The Cunard cruises now covering all major destinations in the world. The Queen Mary II is the newest ship of the company.

Places in Cunard

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