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Civitavecchia, also referred to as “Port of Rome”, is a modern port located 45 miles (70 kilometers) north west of Rome. There is a train station in Civitavecchia city where trains run hourly. It could take from 45 minutes to 1 hour and 20 minutes to reach the port from Rome  depending from the train you are catching.

The entrance of port of Civitavecchia is within walking distance from the Civitavecchia train station (600 meters). Alternatively, shuttle buses frequently travel to the entrance of the Port of Rome.

Available trains: Eurostar city  – Frecciabianca takes 45 minutes from Roma Termini to Civitavecchia Port, regional trains are the slowest and depart from Termini Station, Ostiense and Trastevere train stations.

If you need to reach Fiumicino or Ciampino airports of Rome you could also reach Civitavecchia train station, catch a train to Rome and then get on the Leonardo express train to Fiumicino.

You can reach the port of Civitavecchia by train from Rome, but you’ll have to walk about 600 meters to the entrance of the harbor, and then take other 6/700 meters to the pier

Who wants to make the trip Civitavecchia Port – Rome Airport (or Rome City) by train must arm ourselves with patience. The few taxis present in port do not transfer to the train station in Civitavecchia.

If your time for the coincidence between the ship and the flight is tight, you are strongly advised to use a private vehicle, or a dedicated car hire with driver (NCC).

We suggest to prebook a private Civitavecchia transfer the driver will be waiting for you under your cruise ship and will drive you to the Rome airport. The cars are all air conditioned and you money will be worth it.

Civitavecchia Station To/From Cruise Terminal

It’s about 750 meters between Civitavecchia train station and the dock gates for the cruise port. For those without luggage its a pleasant 10/15 minutes walk along the promenade. For those with luggage it is not exactly an easy walk

In the Civitavecchia port to Civitavecchia train station direction, once you pass through the main entrance to the port, where the bus drops you off, you just keep to the right hand side of the road that runs parallel with the sea. Just keep going, you’ll see a couple of reassuring signs indicating the way to the train station (STAZIONE FF.SS).

Walk onto seaside avenue of Civitavecchia:15/20 minutes to train station (slight hill at station)

FR5 - Civitavecchia to Roma Trastervere (not all way to Roma Termini) - €4.60-€6.90

Both Civitavecchia and Rome Stations have manned ticket offices that take credit cards and there are also ticket machines. Must validate ticket by inserting into a stamp machine.

The core service is broadly a twice hourly service on commuter style trains taking around 70 to 80 minutes to travel the full route. Interim stops for those traveling to and from Fiumicino Airport. For many people it can make sense to get off at other stations than the Rome terminus at Termini, especially if you are on a day trip or going to Fiumicino, Rome’s main airport.

Travelling from Civitavecchia a typical train will stop at S Pietro (40 mins), Trastevere (50 mins), Ostiense (55 mins) and finally Termini (70 mins). S Pietro is around 15 minutes walk to the Vatican and St Peter’s Square. Trastevere is the interchange for a frequent airport train to Fiumicino Airport. Ostiense is an interchange with the Rome Metro which can take you direct to the Colosseum or Spanish Steps.


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