Port mobility shuttle buses

Thanks to the Port mobility service, you can move within the Civitavecchia port with free shuttle busses

These Free shuttles enable passengers arriving and departing from the Civitavecchia port, but also to tourists or visitors, to move easily and quickly within the port area. This service is totally free, is provided by Port Mobility by bus from the Royal Bus.

Shuttles for Ferry Passengers

This service has 2 Terminals:

  • one stationed at the Varco Fortezza (gate near the Forte Michelangelo)
  • the other is near the Varco Nord (North Gate Entry Point

These are intermediate stops: Bramante (close to Bramante parking facilities), Fishing Boats Dock, Port Authorities, ADM Terminal, Customs, North Area (near to North parking facilities).

Times and Frequency

The shuttle service is available from 05:30 AM to 23.00, but in the case of berthings of ships over 23.00 is extended. The frequency of service is 15 minutes and provides a minimum of at least 2 contemporaneity shuttles. One of the shuttles is equipped for the transport of disabled.

Shuttles for Cruisers

Shuttle service for cruise passengers who embarking (or disembarking) at the Pier 25 does not provide any intermediate stops. This means that the cruisers is taken as soon as come down on the dock, and led directly to the service center Largo della Pace. Conversely for the return trip.

Since July 17, 2015, for all cruisers embarking or disembarking at piers 10, 11, 12 and 13 there is a new route, provides some intermediate stops. Here are the details:

– From 7:00 AM to 19:00 (estimated time) *

Cruise Terminal > Largo della Pace > Molo del Bicchiere (pier)

– From 11:30 AM to 1430 (2:30 PM) (estimated time)*

Cruise Terminal > Bramante > Largo della Pace

Please note
*Shuttles will follow the times of arrival and departure of cruise ships..
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