5 mistakes not to be done on board the cruise ship

5 mistakes not to be done on board the cruise ship

Here are the 5 mistakes to avoid on a cruise.

1) Wear white clothes.
The sailor look is always very fashionable on board, but pay attention to the stern (the back of the ship), where it is advisable not to wear white clothing. Particles of black powder often come out of the ship’s smokestack together with the smoke, which releases stains that are very difficult to remove on the fabrics.

2) Store all your clothes in your suitcase.
During the last night on the cruise you will be asked to pack your suitcase and store it in front of your cabin door, so as to allow the crew to collect them before disembarking. Before packing, think about which clothes you want to wear for your departure.

3) Always sleep for a long time
One of the most beautiful moments of a cruise is the entry into port at dawn. It’s a show to experience at least once during your vacation on board! Losing this emotion because you prefer to sleep late is a real shame!
Usually you will have up to 10 hours for your shore excursions, so there is no hurry, but starting early the day you will have plenty of time to explore the cities included in the itinerary and discover their peculiarities. The early bird catches the worm!

4) Give the personal badge on board.
Your personal badge is equivalent to a credit card in your hands. During the cruise be careful in lending it to your teenagers for not having surprises at the end of your holiday! During your stay on board, you can go to reception at any time and ask for a statement of your expenses.

5) Visit the areas reserved for the crew.
The crew lives on board for 3 to 6 months. Do you have a request to make to one of the stewards and you can not find it anywhere? Do not invade privacy and crew spaces, the crew does not like to see guests in their area. Also for security reasons, it is better to stay in the public areas of the ship.