Waiting Ovation of the Seas at Civitavecchia Port: the float-out

A few days have passed from float out of Ovation of the Seas: in the meantime came the first video showing the highlight of the whole operation.
Here is the official video of the Papenburg shipyard that shows spectacular images and angles that only industry insiders could grasp.

It was also published an infographic that shows the Bionic Bar by Makr Shakr, showing some curious details: for example, you can order a drink at the two robot-barman via an app and the same will be served at the table by a real barman; Furthermore these special arms can make two drinks per minute for a total of 1000 cocktail a day!

Waiting Ovation OTS at Civitavecchia Port: Bionic Bar

We look forward to having you at the Civitavecchia Port of Rome!