Italian ports have already lost 490 thousand passengers between March and April

The weight of the coronavirus emergency on the Italian cruise sector is starting to worsen. Following the stop of the cruise lines, today there are already 280 calls canceled in Italian ports between March and April with 490 thousand passengers lost.

Unfortunately, this is a minimal figure, in the hope that everything will start again as soon as possible. The calculation in fact concerns the companies which, today, have confirmed the cancellation of cruises. Other cruise lines have not yet confirmed the cancellation, but they are likely to do so shortly.

Costa Cruises suspends travel to the Mediterranean

Following the new measures introduced by the government, Costa Cruises has decided to stop traveling in the Mediterranean until April 3. “The cruises currently underway will stop in Italian ports (Civitavecchia, Genova, Venezia, Livorno,…) only to allow guests to disembark and return home, without making excursions or new embarkations,” writes the company in a note. Costa will offer credit to interested cruise passengers for a future cruise.

Coronavirus, prohibited docking of the Costa Fortuna in Phuket with Italians on board

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The presence of 64 cruise passengers just arrived from Italy was enough to leave the Costa Fortuna ship with 1600 passengers and almost 1000 crew members at sea – without allowing it to dock on the Thai island of Phuket.

Local newspapers had reported in the morning the statements of the head of the Immigration office of the famous island, according to which the 64 (all from southern Italy) were “suspected of having contracted the” Covid-19 “, a false statement according to the captain of the “Fortuna”, which denies having found cases of illness neither among the 1630 passengers of all nationalities than among the crew on board, about 980 people.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_video link=”” align=”center” title=”Phuket officials screen over 2000 tourists from Costa Fortuna cruise ship”][vc_column_text]There were also 167 other Italians on the ship, who had long since embarked on the same cruise that sailed between Singapore, Phuket, Langkawi and Penang in Malaysia, and for this reason they had not even been mentioned in the Thai official’s statements.

In any case, Thailand has applied for the first time one of the strictest protection rules against virus infections which provides for a mandatory quarantine period for anyone coming from Italy. In the case of the Costa Fortuna given the situation, the commander preferred to continue on the route of the next scheduled stop, Penang Port in Malaysia, in the hope of being able to disembark passengers for a stop. All the Italians will disembark except for the 64 “suspects” who will have to carry out checks.

Otherwise, a situation similar to that occurred on the Westerdam ship, refused by the authorities of Taiwan, Japan, the Philippines and Thailand, could occur before being accepted in Cambodia where only two passengers with the symptoms of the coronavirus.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Coronavirus. What cruise lines are doing to mitigate the effect of the emergency on reservations

Cruise companies focus on discounts to mitigate the effect of the Coronavirus emergency on bookings, and put in place different discount options that can be estimated, depending on the cruise companies, in a range between -10 and -25% .

Certainly the cruise sector is not helped by the news that a ferry for the transport of vehicles and passengers, the Gnv Rhapsody, now stopped on site in Genoa for maintenance, has been placed in isolation at the Port of Genoa, with 50 crew members on board, after a passenger, who landed in Tunisia on February 27, tested positive for the virus.

What is Costa Crociere doing now?

Costa Crociere, for example, launches several promotions, including Voglia d’estate, which allows you to book an all-inclusive cruise with the possibility of free cancellation until April 30. While Costa Club Members (including new members) by 8 March can book and cancel without penalty until the end of May, also enjoying a 25% discount on the cabin price.

Finally, for all new reservations, it is possible to book an external cabin at the internal price, or one with a balcony at the external price. Other companies, such as MSC Cruises and Norwegian Cruise line, are also running a promotion campaign.

What is MSC doing now?

In particular MSC, for all individual bookings already confirmed and for new confirmations by March 31st, allows you to withdraw from the contract within 21 days on the departure date with a practical management charge of 50 euros per person. The promotion is valid for the departures of March April May and June. In addition, for bookings until March 15, the Aponte group company offers the possibility to book a cruise with 50 euro deposit (per person) and a 25% deposit to be paid 60 days from the departure date.

Our opinion

Almost all companies are making discounts ranging from 10% to 25%. All companies are applying the utmost attention from the health point of view. Those who board, for example, must fill in a document certifying that they have not been in areas or countries at risk.

Currently booking a cruise is an excellent opportunity to tick off a great discount!

4 New Mega Ships arriving at the Port of Civitavecchia

The Port of Civitavecchia is the port of Rome. It has always been the destination of the largest and most luxurious cruise ships in the world. Let’s take a look at the brand new mega cruise ships that will arrive in our port in 2020.

Celebrity Apex.

The Celebrity Apex (Celebrity Cruises) will arrive at the port of Civitavecchia for the first time on May 30, 2020. The ship will sail from Southampton in April 2020, with itineraries in the Mediterranean before moving to Fort Lauderdale, Florida and the Caribbean in November 2020.
The super luxury ship is 300 meters long and can accommodate 2,900 passengers on board.

Enchanted Princess.

The Enchanted Princess (Princess Cruises) will sail in Europe in 2020 and will arrive in our port of Civitavecchia on June 19, 2020, to sail in the Mediterranean sea.

Built and inaugurated by Fincantieri, the new cruise ship is the fifth in the Royal category and will welcome 3,660 guests and 1,346 crew members.

MSC Virtuosa.

MSC Virtuosa (together with the MSC Grandiosa, is the largest ship of the MSC Cruises) will sail to Genoa Port and will arrive in the port of Rome for the first time on October 31, 2020, to navigate the Mediterranean and touch the ports of Barcelona and Marseille.

The new MSC Virtuosa will be able to accommodate 6,300 passengers and 1,700 crew members, with a tonnage of over 181 thousand tons.

Norwegian Pearl, is blocked since yesterday in the port of Barcelona

UPDATE: The Norwegian Pearl, of the Norwegian Cruise Line, is stopped in the Catalan port from Tuesday 2 July. The Norwegian says: navigation will resume towards Livorno. 5 July departure from Civitavecchia Port of Rome is canceled.

The Norwegian apologies

“Conscious of the disappointment and inconvenience caused to our customers following the unexpected – NCL writes in the note – we offer our most sincere and sincere apologies. Our team is constantly working to better assist our customers, and there We thank them for their unconditional support and their loyalty “. In a tweet, the company explained that it offered rebates and discounts of 50% for subsequent cruises and a coverage of up to 300 euros of expenses for eventual changes of airline tickets to return home.



The Norwegian Pearl (NCL), is blocked since yesterday in the port of Barcelona with over 2,300 passengers on board due to a mechanical failure. According to the Independent, the ship left from Amsterdam on June 22 last for a 13-night cruise: according to a NCL spokesman, the breakdown forces the ship to travel at a slower speed and so the stages have been canceled of Monaco and Palma de Mallorca.

For now, Norwegian Pearl is expected to remain in the port of the Catalan city one more night so that the failure can be repaired. According to the roadmap, the ship should have concluded its trip to our Civitavecchia Port of Rome on the morning of Friday 5 July, but it is not clear if it will be able to respect this date. Meanwhile, the NCL has already canceled the next Norwegian Pearl cruise, which was due to sail from Civitavecchia Port on the same evening on Friday with about 2,400 passengers on board for a trip of 10 stops, including Dubrovnik, Santorini, Mikonos, Athens, Naples and Monaco.

Waiting Ovation of the Seas at Civitavecchia Port: the float-out

A few days have passed from float out of Ovation of the Seas: in the meantime came the first video showing the highlight of the whole operation.
Here is the official video of the Papenburg shipyard that shows spectacular images and angles that only industry insiders could grasp.

It was also published an infographic that shows the Bionic Bar by Makr Shakr, showing some curious details: for example, you can order a drink at the two robot-barman via an app and the same will be served at the table by a real barman; Furthermore these special arms can make two drinks per minute for a total of 1000 cocktail a day!

Waiting Ovation OTS at Civitavecchia Port: Bionic Bar

We look forward to having you at the Civitavecchia Port of Rome!

Gay cruises: August 3 the Eurodam, August 18 the Equinox will dock the Civitavecchia Port

Gay and lesbian friendly cruises are making their way more and more. There are proposals from several companies in the tourism world and they are much appreciated by those looking for a more lively stay on the water, and suits your needs.

Increasingly, in the international ships, it can happen to meet cruise travelers who do not completely hide their being gay. You can easily find gay couples who dance or dine by candlelight like any other couple. Unfortunately, they have not yet entered all in order to be considered “normal”, so if you prefer to get away from prying eyes by fully living your cruise, be aware that some tour operators have been thinking about you.

Recently, several among them are totally dedicated to better organize trips and cruises targeted at the gay and lesbian audience. These same operators are also offering honeymooners and packages for the entire wedding.

Among the most well-known tour operators specialized in the field stand out the RSVP, the Olivia (mainly dedicated to a female audience) and Atlantis.

Atlantis gay cruise from Port of Venice to Barcelona stops at Civitavecchia Port of Rome
Atlantis gay cruise from Port of Venice to Barcelona stops at Civitavecchia Port of Rome

Just the Atlantis offers for the 2016 season, a departure from one of the largest Italian cruise harbors: the July 29, 2016 set sail from Venice aboard the Eurodam to discover the most beautiful European cities: August 3 will be in our Civitavecchia Port of Rome. Besides Rome, it will touch the ports of Split, Kotor, Corfu, Ajaccio, Marseille and Barcelona.

Prices from 1590 Euros per cruise calendar

Civitavecchia Port will host a gay cruise from Barcelona to Athens
Atlantis gay cruise from Port of Barcelona to Athens, with 1 day at Civitavecchia Port of Rome

Europe’s largest gay cruise is all new for 2016 with an original itinerary from Barcelona to Athens. Onboard the stunningly Celebrity Equinox (From 15 to 25 August 2016), you’ll explore the best of Italy with stops in Livorno, Naples and Civitavecchia Port of Rome, but also Greece, Turkey, and more with 2800 gay and lesbian guests from over 50 nations.
Celebrity Equinox will be at Civitavecchia Port on 18 August 2016 to spend a day exploring the eternal city of Rome.

Prices from 1790 Euros per cruise calendar 2


Norwegian Cruise Line suspends the docking of its ships in Turkish ports for terrorism risk

The terrorism alert has led the Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings to terminate for security reasons, 61 moorings of his ships in Turkish ports planned for 2016.

The decision was taken because of the recent attacks, and in particular the last of 12 January 2016, in Istanbul that killed 10 German tourists in the historic center of Sultanahmet.

The Norwegian shipping company, one of the major players in the global cruise industry, shifts its routes and will dock rather than in Istanbul and other Turkish Aegean and Mediterranean ports in Greece. The decision is queued to the choice of other companies who already in 2015 had suspended the moorings in Turkey. MSC Cruises for example, the market leading cruise company in Europe and South America, has announced the suspension of landings in Turkey by the end of kwo pokies online March, substituting for the moment Istanbul and Izmir to Athens and Mykonos.

Meanwhile, Norwegian Cruise Line has provided, for the summer season 2017, new stages and new routes, in Eastern and Western Europe.

Work started to build the Silver Muse

It took place in Sestri Ponente (Genoa), the ceremony of setting reservoir Silver Muse, super luxury cruise ship which Fincantieri is building for the shipping company Silversea Cruises, which we hope to soon see in the Civitavecchia Port .

For the shipping company were present, among others, Enzo Visone, CEO of Silversea, while Fincantieri was present Davassi Raffaele, Director of the plant.

With 40,700 gross tons and the capacity to accommodate 596 passengers on board, “Silver Muse” will represent an evolution of the “Silver Spirit”, delivered by Fincantieri in Ancona in 2009, and will redefine the standards of the ultra-luxury ocean voyage, retaining the intimacy of the small units and the spacious cabins – all suites – which are the hallmarks of Silversea. Delivery is scheduled for spring of 2silver muse itinerary scheduled at Civitavecchia Port017.

This unit will bring the Silversea fleet to 9 ships, and once again significantly raise the standards in the ultra-luxury market with numerous improvements of the experience on board to meet the free slots demands without compromise in terms of comfort, service and quality of the travelers more competent in the world.

Since 1990 Fincantieri has built 70 cruise ships (47 since 2002), another 14 units are under construction or about to be built at the group.

Silversea has already started booking for the cruise “Civitavecchia Port (Rome), Italy to Istanbul, Turkey“, starting 06 May 2017, and run for 10 days